Mama Lupita strives to create programs that will help the orphanage become more self-sufficient and teach job skills to the older children. In the fall of 2012, Casa Hogar opened a bakery (La Panadería) at the orphanage and is supplying bread and pastries to over 70 convenience stores in the area as well as selling to local neighbors and providing bread for the children of the orphanage. Mama Lupita initially brought in a baking maestro to teach the older teens the process, but now they do everything on their own. Several of the older kids at the orphanage get up in the wee hours of the morning to begin baking.  Not only have the teens learned the art of baking, but this enterprise has taught them a range of business skills, from calculating the amount of supplies needed each day to setting up delivery routes. The children at Casa Hogar Elim have not only learned the value of hard work, but will be able to take this on-the-job training with them into adulthood.