Caring Hearts Transform Kitchen

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paloma washroom

Large sinks for washing dishes

You have heard it said, “The kitchen is the heart of the home.”  But what if that kitchen is old and dreary, has appliances that don’t work, backed up plumbing, and cramped spaces with little ventilation?  Unfortunately, until just a few months ago, this described the kitchen at Casa Hogar Elim.  Each day for every meal, the older girls in charge of cooking and cleaning faced this less than ideal atmosphere while preparing and serving meals to about 70 children.

paloma freezer and fridge

Stainless Steel refrigerator and freezer

paloma stove

New stove and gas range/ griddle

Thanks to a generous donor who had a vision for what the kitchen could be, all that has changed.  The Preston Trail CHE leadership team met with Mama Lupita to find out how to best remodel the kitchen with the donated funds.  After months of careful planning and hard work, the kitchen was transformed.  A licensed plumber supervised the plumbing work to make sure it was redone properly.  New lighting was installed along with extra ventilation and fans.   A quality industrial grade gas range, oven and ventilation hood replaced the old worn out ones.  The CHE girls can now fill a large industrial grade refrigerator with fresh, healthy foods, and a large industrial grade freezer with meat and other frozen items.  Stainless steel sinks and counters line the walls in the cooking areas and dish washing room.  The space was reconfigured to provide a workable, open cooking area, convenient and organized pantry, and a breezy and natural light-filled dish washing room.  The donations also provided for new heavy duty cooking pots, pans, dishes and utensils.

paloma pantry

Large, open pantry

Paloma, the young adult in charge of the kitchen, can’t stop smiling.  She can now work and enjoy cooking for all the children in a bright, upbeat environment.   Come see the new kitchen and try Paloma’s mashed potatoes and Mexican beans!   You will see that she knows what she is doing in the kitchen, but mostly you will get to witness her heart for the Lord in “the heart of Casa Hogar Elim!”


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