Out with the Old, Getting Ready for the New

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Cute boys enjoying spaghetti night

What room do you use most in your casa? Ask anyone at Casa Hogar Elim, and you will find out that the kitchen is the most popular and busiest room there.  While the older girls and young women have been doing a tremendous job serving and preparing food in the current kitchen, it needs space that is more efficient, updated plumbing, and well-functioning appliances.  Thankfully, a generous donation provided sufficient funds to meet these needs and give CHE a first-class kitchen.

A contractor began demo work in April on all the existing kitchen space.  He removed walls, old appliances, sinks, and counters to reconfigure space for more efficient workflow.  Unloading groceries into the pantry will be quicker and the dishwashing area will  have better ventilation.  The plumbing will be improved by adding new drains and water lines, and a professional licensed plumber will inspect the plumbing before and upon completion.  The electrical system in the kitchen will be updated; a new stove with separate griddle will be added, as well as a new refrigerator and freezer.  To top it off, there will be new stainless steel tables and countertops, sinks and faucets for washing, and new shelving and racks for storage.

The project leaders are working on finalizing equipment, details and delivery, and they expect the kitchen to be completed by this summer.  Mealtime is already a happy occasion at CHE, but now it will be even better! Check back in two or three months for the amazing  “after” pictures!


Dishwashing area before renovations


Kitchen before renovations


Cooking before renovations


Kitchen during demo stage


Kitchen during demo stage

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