Meet Veronica

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Veronica and Tota, one of the girls Veronica cares for

Veronica is 18 years old and one of dozens of hard-working teens and young adults at Casa Hogar Elim.  She is humble, quiet, and sweet, and stands out as a nurturing and consistent role model for the younger girls.  Veronica displays a vibrant smile and her heart for the Lord shows in her actions and love for those around her.


Veronica and her friend, Pati


How old are you?  18

What is your favorite color? Green

What is your favorite food?  Enchiladas with chicken and queso.

What do you like to do in your free time?  Listen to music.  I like “la musica banda.”  I also like to rest.

How long have you been at Casa Hogar Elim?  I have been here 11 years.

Do you have brothers and sisters?  Yes, I have two sisters and two brothers.  They are Itzel who is 6, Ozvaldo who is 8, Carla who is 13, and Carlos who is 15.

Do you go to school and what are your dreams for the future? I go to the university in the evenings.  I would like to become a lawyer and help people who need money and don’t have resources to help themselves.

What is your job at CHE? I partner with my friend, Pati, and we take care of the girls ages 5-14.  When they are all here, there are 17 girls in my room.  I am there in the mornings when Pati is gone to school and Pati is there in the evenings when I am taking classes.

What kinds of things do you do to take care of the girls? I clean the room, help the girls with their hair, help them get dressed, keep their clothes organized and help with their homework.  We wash clothes and do laundry once a week.  At night before bed we often do devotionals, learn Bible verses, sing and pray.

What are some of the most difficult things and some of the most rewarding things about caring for the girls? One of the most difficult things is dealing with disobedience, but I enjoy seeing the personalities of the girls and helping them in different ways.  Tota loves me and clings to me.  Rosa Valeria is caring and sweet.  Jasmine is hard working.  Every girl is unique and special.

Who are your best friends at CHE? Lily, Pati, Yoland, and Fidel (who is like a brother to me.)

 What do you love most about Casa Hogar? Mama Lupita.  She has taken care of me since I was a little girl.  She teaches me how to care for the girls and how to work.  She loves and trusts God.

What is your favorite Bible verse?  Proverbs 22:6  – Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.

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