Meet Luis Enrique (Chicopues)

Luis Enrique  (Chicopues)

18 Years Old

How long have you been at Casa Hogar Elim (CHE)?  Eight years.20131012_191116

Do you have brothers or sisters?  I have two brothers.  Fidel is 16 and is here at CHE.  Carlos is 15, but is no longer at CHE.

What is your favorite thing about CHE?  Mama Lupita treats us well.

How is school going?  What are your favorite subjects?  I am not in school now, but I will start again in January.  I have two years left before college, but I am not sure in what I want to major.  My favorite subject is history, and my least favorite is English.

Who are your best friends?  My best friends are Marcus, Chivo, Chuy and there are more.

What do you like to do in your free time?  Board games and card games.

What job would you like to have one day?  Architect or engineer, but the math might be difficult.

How has God worked in your life and what blessings has God given you? I have a Bible and read it before I go to bed.  He has blessed me with Mama Lupita, and without her, I would probably be on the street and in trouble.