Get in Line for New Shoes

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shoe line

Patiently and eagerly waiting

The universal sign that school is starting is and has always been getting a new pair of tennis shoes! They help you run faster and jump higher than your previous pair.

A group traveled from Frisco, Texas to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico at the end of August to deliver new school shoes to the precious children of Casa Hogar.  

The children were excited to receive their new tennis shoes.  The group from Frisco organized the tennis shoes and added flip flops to the bags and then opened the “shoe store!” There was a line at the door as each eager kid patiently waited to come in and find his or her name on a pair of shoes. The kids loved each and every pair and many wore them out of the room.

In addition to the donated tennis shoes, each child received a black pair of school shoes which were ordered in bulk in Nuevo Laredo.  So each child received 2 sturdy pairs of shoes that fit. 

CHE is thankful to this group for showing the love of Christ with its generous gift of new shoes!


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