Teens Deserve a Break, Too

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The older teens at Casa Hogar Elim (CHE) work hard.  Whether it’s working in the bakery, making jewelry, feeding chickens and fish, caring for the younger children, or going to school/university, there is very little down time for them.    A much deserved break was in order!

The Preston Trail CHE Compassion team wanted to reward them through the Child Sponsorship Fund, which also provides food and necessities for the children.   When asked what they would like to do, the teens thought for a second, looked at each other and whispered with a gleam in their eye, “la feria.”

The rest is history.  The kids were so happy to be going; it had been three years since they were last at the Expo Fair.  It was an overwhelming mixture of sights, sounds, and smells, much like the State Fair of Texas. The kids just soaked it up by riding rides, tasting treats, playing games, and picking out trinkets.

They were kids, just straight up kids, for that moment in time.

Thank you to all who support Casa Hogar Elim.  We encourage you to continue to support the children of CHE through prayer, regular gifts and/or by attending one of the upcoming trips to the orphanage.  You can find out more at http://prestontrail.org/casahogarelim/ or email casahogarelim@prestontrail.org.

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