Former Casa Hogar Orphan Gives Back

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Jessica Magallanez


                        “Bring more help.  Don’t just give, but come and help.”

Who could have known God’s plans when Jessica Magallanez arrived at Casa Hogar Elim at the age of 3?  Today He is using her in a powerful way as, at the age of 26, she generously gives back by managing the day-to-day operations of the orphanage in Nueva Laredo, Texas.

Jessica’s father was an American citizen, but died when she was three years old.  Her mother was not able to care for her children, so Jessica and one of her sisters were taken to Casa Hogar by the Mexican government.

When Jessica was 19, she left the orphanage and went just over the border to Laredo, Texas, where she lived for five years so she could receive her American citizenship.  She spent two years in Florida working before she returned to Casa Hogar.  She missed Casa Hogar and was eager to get back so she could give back. 

Jessica has been instrumental in improving the operations of the orphanage.  She works long hours to enhance the lives of the children.  Every day is different for Jessica, but every day she has many responsibilities including:  supervising the cooking of meals, getting children ready for school, running errands, driving to pick up donations and supplies for the orphanage and cleaning.

On top of all this, Jessica is in her first year of college and plans to major in psychology.  When asked what her future plans are, she said, “I would like to stay here and help Mama Lupita, because I love the kids and enjoy taking care of them.”

Jessica looks forward to the Preston Trail arriving each month with a van full of loving and caring Christian volunteers.  When asked what she would like to convey to the people of Preston Trail, Jessica smiled sweetly as she confidently answered, “Bring more help.  Don’t just give, but come and help.”

If you would like to find out more about Casa Hogar and making a donation and/or going there to serve, follow this link:

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